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old letters, journal, and photos

Discover Your Family History

Connect with your past

You have a unique family story that deserves to be found, documented, and remembered. Whether you have just started  your family history journey or have created  a family tree with a couple of generations,   AHM Genealogy will help you reach your family history goals in a timely and cost effective manner. 

Examples of Projects

  • Conduct research about an ancestor

  • Develop research plan

  • Build a family tree

  • Assemble application to a local lineage society

  • Locate records at libraries

  • Transcribe journals/letters

  • Create a family history gift

Achieve Your Family History Goals

As a full time professional who specializes in Ohio genealogy research, your project will have my undivided attention. Your family history needs, both big and small, will benefit from my experience and skills learned from over  fifteen years  of researching Ohio records and resources to document families back to the early days of Ohio statehood.


 Do any of the following statements sound familiar?

"I really want to know more about my Ohio ancestry, but I just don't know where to start."

"I wish I had more time to sift through all the unindexed records I found on the internet."

"I took a DNA test to help me find my ancestors, but now I realize I have to research my ancestors and their families more to learn how all these matches are related to me."

"My cousin joined a lineage society to honor her ancestor.  I want to join too, but it seems too difficult."

"I just know that the local library probably has some good information about my ancestors, but I live far away and can't visit."

If these statements sound familiar, you could benefit from  genealogical research help from AHM Genealogy. 

Family History Services

Providing accurate, cost effective, and timely family history research services.

file folders


Do you want to learn the birthplace of your grandmother? Have you always wondered how long your ancestors lived in one location? Get answers to a specific question in a mutually agreed upon timeframe.  You receive a written report with fully cited research, analysis, and conclusions. 


Document Retrieval

Have you located a source that may contain the missing information you need for your family history, yet you live far from the library or archive? Save money on travel costs by having me get the information you need.  I make regular visits to several of the well know Ohio libraries and archives. Let's get you on the schedule.

handwritten letters


Do you have a box of old letters or a journal from an ancestor? Transcribing the contents into a digital document provides a better understanding of the details; makes it easier to  share with cousins;  and makes searching the content faster.  You never know what nuggets of information are hiding in the words of your ancestors. 

What's the Process to Work with AHM Genealogy?

A personalized experience


  1. Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation.

  2. We will work together to determine your specific family history need.

  3. You review and sign client agreement.

  4. Work on your project begins after the client agreement and deposit are received.

  5. Invoice for final payment is sent once work is completed.

  6. The finished product is delivered to you when the balance due is received.

Discover the stories and connections that
make your family history unique.


My name is Angela MacLellan

With more than fifteen years of experience working with Ohio records and resources to identify and document families with Ohio roots, AHM Genealogy can help you with your family history projects.


AHM Genealogy assists you in a variety of genealogy projects, from conducting research, creating an easy to read multi-generational family tree from all the scattered papers you have gathered, to helping you devise a plan to tackle the research yourself.


To complete research, Angela works with digital resources and makes on location visits when needed to help you learn more about your ancestors.

As a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and the National Genealogical Society, Angela is committed to upholding the professional and ethical standards established for genealogists. 

Contact me today to get started on finding your ancestors.

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